{ Interview } The Stormy Daniels Legacy

{ Summer vacation might be the best thing ever. The summer just never wants to end as we have an interview with mega starlet Stormy Daniels. Stormy has been making waves (that’s one storm reference so far, if you’re counting) since her debut. Since then she has taken on a multitude of projects: Starlet, director, reality TV star, we could go on and on. Stormy has seen it all! }

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As one of the most well known porn stars in the world, we have to ask, what’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you at the convention!?
Haha! I had a guy ask me to sign his sandwich a few years ago at Erotica LA convention. I also have this nutty French guy who always shows up, stands directly across from me and films me the ENTIRE time I’m signing. The really crazy stuff happens in the strip clubs though…I once had a guy grab one of my socks off the side of the stage (I had removed them to do a shower show) and take off running. When security caught up with him, he ate the sock. I didn’t even know that was possible! I even had a disgruntled very drunk fan ram the wall of my dressing room with his car after he’d gotten kicked out for jumping on stage and smacking my ass.

I’d like to talk to you about your directing work. As someone who has made a career of being in front of the lens, what do you take with you from your experiences as a performer for when it’s your time to shoot the scene?
I treat the talent the way I’d like to be treated….I also know ALL the bullshit excuses so not much gets past me. One of my pet peeves is having someone waste my time. I NEVER keep talent or crew on set longer than necessary. I spend hours and hours doing the most efficient shoot schedule possible.

As someone who has had a storied career as yourself, it goes without saying that you have witnessed a lot of changes within the industry itself. From where you began to where you are now, what are some things that stand out to you as being the most significant changes, whether for better or for worse.
I’m totally dating myself here, but my first few Wicked movies were VHS. Then came the big shift to DVD. Now the internet is king. Unfortunately it is a double edged sword. It allows more people to have access to me, therefore I have a much larger fan base and access to them via social networking. The TERRIBLE downside is piracy, of course. I’m about to give up on my site completely. It costs me so much to produce exclusive content just to have it stolen within an hour of posting it.

The social perception of porn has also changed over the past few years, from a taboo subject to being out in the open. –It’s not quite there yet, but you’re seeing people blurring the line between the adult entertainment industry and mainstream entertainment, even social networking like twitter has blown it wide open. Do you think the public perception of porn has changed?
The accessibility has definitely changed…not too sure about perception though. Most people still think we are scum. I even recently had trouble renting a house because of who I am, even though I surpassed all the necessary requirements. Even my horse was kicked out of Flintridge Riding Stable in LA because someone recognized me. It has become more acceptable to WATCH porn but not to DO porn.

Okay, the Olympics are on and we have to ask; if Stormy Daniels was to compete in the Olympics which sport (real or imaginary) would you go for gold in?
Equestrian, of course!

All these retrospective questions shouldn’t fool people into thinking you’re done! You’re in fact as busy as ever. What can we look forward to in the coming months?
This month I have two movies coming out…”Snatched” which I directed/star in and “Immortal Love” which I directed. I just shot a movie starring Lexi Belle called “Unfaithful” and starred in a movie directed by Francois Clousot called “First Crush”…I have a couple more I am scheduled to direct before the end of the year. I’m also shooting a music video for a country artist next week. I will be feature dancing in Boston, Pittsburgh and Philly…and making appearances in Tampa, Baton Rouge and New Jersey to promote My Intima by Stormy Daniels (my hands free lube dispenser)

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{ Thank you Stormy Daniels for the interview. }

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