{ Interview } Best of AMAMAK

{ I used to run another blog that would regularly feature Montreal, Canada photog / model duo Michelle Karpman & Aviva Artzy { collectively known as AMAMAK }. It’s been a little while since that other blog shut down, but I thought it’d be a good idea to do a little best of post featuring our favourite photos and interviews with the two flourishing artists. Enjoy! }

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The ideal Amamak summer:
Hmmmm, our ideal summer? Well, our dream summer plan (though also something we’d like to actualize in the coming years, if possible) is an entire season of photo adventuring of course! A cross-Europe roadtrip photography journey would be heavenly. As it stands though we’re not doing too badly – our current summer plans are shoots, mini trips, shows, parties and get-togethers of the mainly food-eating variety as often as possible. We’re going to try to rope as many of our pretty friends into shooting with us as possible, too! Michelle is also going to Europe already but without me and I not so secretly hate her for it.

Ever been skinny dipping!?
Haha CLEARLY we come off as way cooler and riskier than we actually are. With all of our semi-nude shoots you’d think it wouldn’t be a big stretch to undo the bathing suit occasionally – incorrect. Our idea of stuff getting ‘out of hand’ is apparently spending Friday nights editing photos and watching Community. That being said, one of us may have gone skinny dipping once or twice; can you guess who?

Tell all confession time, a memorable pool / swimming story. Pool parties? Near drownings? Chlorine monsters?
We actually don’t have too many pool stories, per se. There was a birthday party long ago when Michelle rented a hot tub and had it out on her balcony in the middle of winter – that was awesome, I still think she should have kept it. Then, on the not so pleasant (but much more entertaining) side of things, there was a shoot two years ago which involved a little island in the middle of a lake. The pros of shooting there included easy boat-tying plants and plenty of shallow water nearby in which to shoot, not to mention, you know, insanely pretty views of the sunset for all our backlighting needs. The con was that we weren’t in shallow water with sand – it was water with mossy, slippery rocks, in which we spent hours nearly ruining cameras, sliding awkwardly and skinning our knees. All worth it in the end though, we still consider a lot of the resulting pictures favourites. Plus, last weekend we (finally) shot in the ocean! It was very cold.

On Aviva:
I definitely agree that the use and reuse of many of my models is in line with my love of consistency and fear of new people and variety. My main model and hetero life partner Aviva Artzy is a big part of my work and as such our model-photographer relationship is unhindered by the usual constraints of professionalism and seriousness. Our casual shoots feed right into my need for no-pressure situations and comfort in repetition. Occasionally, though, I do use new models, which, while causing me extreme amounts of stress, is always rewarding, if slightly terrifying.

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{ Thank you Amamak for the interview. }

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