{ Interview } Krysta Kaos: No Apologies

{ When it comes to Krysta Kaos, I think photographer Matt Fry put it best: “Krysta’s kind, and vulnerable, and strong, and honest.. she does what she loves and doesn’t apologize for it.  There should be more people like her.” We’re proud to bring you our chat with Krysta Kaos. }

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Krysta Kaos gets her hands dirty. It seems like you’re into a little bit of everything! From art nude model to all out porn star. Can you talk to us about challenging yourself? How important are new experiences to you?
New experiences are the reason I got into the industry both modeling and porn, they are so important. I’ve meet the most awesome people, and enjoyed every second of it in my short time of being around. And yes, I would have to say a little bit of everything describes me the best. I have so many different loves and fetishes that it’s hard to just stick with one medium of expressing yourself artistically. That is also the challenge ahead, how do you keep everyone interested and yourself at the same time hehe =] Personally at the moment I’m sorta reversing the roles and stepping behind the camera every here and there, only analog at the moment though. Learning all the different film cameras, settings, and amazing film is a blast and so different from digital. As far as new experiences, I do plan to get more into fashion and editorial style, it’s always so beautiful and it will definitely help expand my personal level of modelling.

The blog is called THE NAKED ISSUE, so naturally, we’d like to take it in a naked direction. Speaking of naturally, is nudity in your art and in your work something that just kind of happened naturally, or was there a specific moment where you decided to bare it all?
Naturally. My first shoot was a nude shoot, then my second shoot was with my good friend Rob Rotten

It seems like we are programmed to be ashamed of our naked bodies, or at least cover them up. How do you feel to be going against the grain? Is there a power you get from being naked in front of the camera?
Not many people believe it but I’m normally shy and on a regular basis kinda a homebody so when I shoot smut or do a nude shoot I’m a whole different person. I’m not ashamed of my body at all, but I’m normal and there are things I’d like to improve of course. Honestly though who doesn’t love going against the grain?? I love making people step back when they see my fetish performances, the amount of pain I can handle and how exposed I am. I know people who won’t watch it… {it} makes me giggle. The awesome thing about being an individual is you get to be you, not everyone agrees with right and wrong even more so with taboo and nudity, but I’m not gunna force my nudity on people who are ashamed of theirs.

Can you walk us through a memorable shoot where it all just seemed to click between you and the people you were working with?
It happens often for me, even more so in a sub/dom situation, but the one shoot that stands out as far as photography would be the shoot I had in Las Vegas this year with Wolf189 and the lovely Miss Crash. It flowed so smoothly and was so fun with so much sexual energy I dont think any shoot could top it hehe =] The images are the most beautiful ones I’ve ever been apart of, awesome little team we make.

Are you optimistic about the future?
Of course! I’ve accomplished so much in the past 3 yrs I can only imagine where I’ll be in 10. xo

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{ Thank you Krysta Kaos for the interview. Cover photo by Matt Fry }

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