{ Exclusive } Gia Jordan: The Professional

{ We wanted to get porn star / photographer Gia Jordan on The Naked Issue for a long time. It just seemed like it would be a perfect fit; the talented Jordan showing her beautiful photographs, speaking her mind and sharing her perspective. We couldn’t have asked for more. The cherry on top, Gia Jordan was gracious enough to select the photographs for this piece herself. }

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From a performer before the lens to capturing the moments through it, could you tell us about your transition from performer to photographer.
The transition was inconsequential to ending being filmed for a living as it was to photographing for a living. I’ve been photographing since I was 14 years old as an extension to drawing and painting since I was a kid. I continued it when I entered porn. I would photograph girls in the makeup room before my scene in the huge houses from Woodland Hills to Beverly Hills that were ours for a few hours. I wanted to do this. A lot. But as a performer you don’t want to be intrusive on set. If I was a photographer as a job and not just an artist, I could have more access. I knew our leading industry magazine, AVN, had photographers. They had amazing photographs. You could tell they really respected how photographs told a story. I scheduled an interview, showed my work, and got hired. It was actually the same year I was last performing in porn. AVN truly launched me further into the industry behind a lot of closed doors even insiders never get to see. And so it began…

For someone who approaches her work with such dedication and drive, do you find it different being behind the camera instead of in front of it? What are some of the challenges you face?
It takes a lot more planning! A good director brings out the best in you; however, when you’re the photographer, you’re the director- you create the scene. Who is she? What’s interesting about her? What wardrobe should I buy her? Is this going to feel like what’s in my head? Everything has to stick.

Let’s talk about your website { GiaJordanPhoto.com }. What is the plan for that?
The plan is an online coffee table book brought to life.

Can you share one memorable experience you’ve had as a photographer? A memorable shoot, perhaps?
Today a girl canceled on me, day of shoot. She said she was getting married today.

As for actual shoots, the Kristina Rose shoot for Fox Magazine. I had everything idea in planned in advance per usual until the location fell through. We ended up shooting at her house. She showed me her life… her fridge covered in snapshots of the day she met her best friend Alexis Texas, her crying from anticipation about winning an award for a movie she shot with Manuel where she made him call her her real name. She cared so much about her work. A lot of these girls do. Then there was a certain elegance that became her once we started, but she still kept her quirk. Everything felt right when we shot.

Are you optimistic about the future?
I think everyone except a nihilist would say yes. However, I cannot be satisfied until I get a pool boy. Or just a pool.

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{ Thank you Gia Jordan for the interview and the photos. }

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2 thoughts on “{ Exclusive } Gia Jordan: The Professional

  1. What a great interview! Good questions with thoughtful and revealing answers. Gia successfully made the transition from creating great scenes to capturing the beauty and essence of performers and models.

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