{ Interview } Chloe: On the Scene

{ I chatted with Chloe quite awhile ago when she was literally just getting started with modeling. Since then she has been taking things into her own hands: shooting with the likes of Van Styles and other talented photographers, being spotted on the town with one Alysha Nett, and generally causing a fuss. Chloe’s star is just starting to rise. Don’t sleep! }

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Hiiii Chloe. The tough question first… Tell us a little about yourself!
Hi! I’m Chloe… I love being a girl, dressing up, and having fun! I see life as just one big adventure and I’m kind of just going with the flow. I am currently working and looking into modeling and going into the beauty industry. I like good food, cats, and beaches. What else do you need?

Tell us about your hopes and dreams, do you want to do more modelling?
My ultimate goal right now is to get out to Los Angeles… it’s my dream to live there. I would love to get into modeling and see how far I can go with it! Alt modeling is more my forte, since I want to get inked some more.

Where do you want to be a year from now? Do you find you’re the type of person to set goals or just go with the flow?
I want to be in LA a year from now, of course! Hopefully still doing shoots… and getting paid for it! Ha, I would say I am a bit of both… I know what I want and I will get it, but how I get there? That’s where the “go with the flow” part comes in 🙂

Your favourite dance party song:
Oh man, I’ve been into a lot of electronica lately. One of my favs is Nightcall by Kavinsky, great dance song.

It’s summer, gotta ask. Streaking or skinny dipping!?
Ahhh, I’ve had experience with both! I’ve got to say though… a bottle of champagne with some girlfriends and skinny dipping is one of my regular summer activities.

The end of civilization will be caused by:
Aliens probably. I really hope a zombie apocalypse happens though, I would kick ass at surviving through that!

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{ Thank you Chloe for the interview. Cover photo by Kenny Sweeney }

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