{ Interview } Cassandra Nix: Always Changing

{ We’re back! We’ve got a fun little chat with Night Moves nominated starlet Cassandra Nix. Ms Nix is turning heads with her versatile work ethic; from bubbly girl next door to total freak to pin up, how could we not chat her up? Porn in movie theatres, being a real person, and Olympic deep throats? –Cassandra Nix is tough to put your finger on. }

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Hi Cassandra. So, showing porn in movie theatres. The world would be a better place, right?
I do {think so} actually. I thinks it’s really cool and progressive that they once showed porn in theatres for the public to enjoy… it’s a shame they don’t still show it.

Congrats on your nomination for the Night Moves Awards: Best New Starlet. So, let’s talk victory celebration if you are lucky enough to nab the prize. You gotta do something ridiculous, right?
I think celebration is in order if I win 😉

We recently chatted with Andy San Dimas and we were talking about Twitter and how a lot of girls in the industry tweet non-stop in sex-mode. You’re different. You tweet like a normal human being, not just as a porn star. How do you approach social media and interacting with people? Have you felt pressure in the past to be always –on–?
I have felt the pressure to be always on but I think when you have something as personal as a twitter account it becomes more than just tweeting nudes and retweeting your new releases. Fans like the personal interaction and twitter is a good way to interact with fans on a more personal level. I think it’s best to promote yourself but show you’re still a normal person with a normal life in the process because you become relatable and likable to your fans. It’s all about appeal.

You’ve been getting a lot of attention; from Revenge of the Petites fame to the award nomination; where do you want to go with your career? Do you see yourself being a ~lifer~ in the porn industry or is this just a stepping stone?
I see myself performing as long as I can but ultimately want to shoot for my own site and have my own production company. I love cinematography and I would love to be making my own films within the adult industry but outside it as well. I’m obsessed with horror and counter culture, so producing my own films based on these topics would be so much fun; an ideal situation for me.

It’s Olympic time, so we gotta end with an Olympic themed question, right? If Cassandra Nix was in the Olympics, what sport would you compete in?
Best deep throat…DUH or DP champion!

{ X }

{ Thank you Cassandra Nix for the interview. }

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