{ Interview } Victoria Rae Black: Bare Naked Social Media

{ We’re thrilled to bring you our feature chat with Playboy model & pornographer Victoria Rae Black. We have to give Ms Black credit for being a social media champion. –Go ahead and check out her Tumblr and see how many questions she answers on a daily basis. Throw in a five hour+ Reddit Q&A session, one hell of an active Twitter, and an undeniable work ethic, and you’ll see what all the fuss is about. }

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Victoria Rae Black. Let’s get right to it. You recently did a Q&A marathon on Reddit. You run your own Twitter and Tumblr accounts and answer all kinds of questions at a seemingly nonstop pace. How important is social media for you and staying connected?
Extremely important. I like to stay connected with my fans because porn has changed so much over the years. It’s not just making DVD’s and selling them. It’s all internet driven. People don’t want to buy a product from a faceless company. They are more inclined to support a performer they care about. The best way to develop that bond between performer and fan is by having an actual relationship. Social media provides that outlet. I’m well aware that I wouldn’t be where I am without the people that watch my scenes. I need them more than they need me. To show my appreciation I make sure that a dedicate a considerable amount of my time to interacting with them and giving them what they want.

I addressed the idea of breaking down the perception of porn stars as –just– porn stars with Andy San Dimas and I wanted to get your thoughts on it as well. It all comes back to being human beings and being perceived as such; so while some tweets and such are sexual, a lot of it is about silly every day things as well. What are your thoughts on the changing perception of porn stars as more than just their claim to fame?
I want to be perceived as me, simple as that. Other girls want to act the part of the stereotype. I’m not actively trying to change the way people view porn stars because I’m not every porn star. I’m Victoria. So all I can do is hope that people see me as a whole person. The fact that girls like Andy and Stoya and others do the same only increases the overall awareness.

I’d like to talk about your career path a little bit; you started with nude modelling and made your way into the adult entertainment industry. Could you tell us a little about that transition? Was it a natural progression for you, and are you where you want to be professionally?
The transition was Playboy to several porn offers. I wanted to feel comfortable and Vivid was the offer that I liked best. Mostly because it was four scenes broken over four months. I didn’t want to dive in a shoot 20 scenes a month. It was a smooth transition because I was taken care of finacially by the Vivid contract and not pressured to film excessive scenes. As far as my career I’m happy. I feel like I’m right where I should be. It can always go up from here, but I’m pleased with how things are progressing.

You have been known and, quite frankly, admired for your stance on the negative aspects of the industry. You are quite selective in your work as well. I’d like to hear your thoughts on the pressures to perhaps cross the line of your own personal comfort level and how you keep yourself centred.
My mind is set on what I’m willing and not willing to do. I surround myself with people who are supportive of that. My agency, Ideal Image Management, is aware of my “don’ts” and they don’t pressure me for anything more.

Let’s talk ambitions. Where do you want to go with your career? Would you consider yourself to be a lifer within the porn industry, or is it just a stepping stone?
I don’t know what’s next. I know I can achieve greater things outside of porn. I know this won’t be it. I have a very high interest in podcasting, I like to perform as well and would love a chance to do more mainstream work. That said, I want my fans to remember me for porn from the way I am now. I probably won’t be doing it in my late 40’s. Hopefully by then other aspects of my career as a personality and performer will take off. If not I’ve still only got a few credits left before I can get my degree in Dentistry.

The Olympics are on; we gotta ask. If Victoria Rae Black were to compete in an Olympic event, real or fake, which event would it be!?
Swimming! The backstroke because I’m pretty fast. If it was a fake Olympic event it would be “Who Can Answer the Most Questions Online in 24hrs”

Dani Daniels granted us our very first interview, and we heard you two were pretty good friends. Any shout outs to Ms Dani Daniels?
Haha. How about this: Dear Dani, I love your bush. xo VRB

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{ Thank you Victoria Rae Black for the interview. }

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