{ Interview } Gracie Glam: Serving Up Glam Chowder

{ Gracie Glam is a stick of dynamite. She is one of the most exciting new faces in the pron (yes, pron) world; AVN Best New Starlet 2011, not bad at all. But, that’s only scratch the surface. Glam has collaborated with the likes of Rae Threat, Kimberly Kane, Haus of Se7en and, hell, we’re still just scratching the surface. Witty, driven, and never one to take herself too seriously; get to know the Glamorous one a little better in this feature interview. }

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It’s summer time. Let’s hear it. Gracie Glam‘s essential summertime activities:
Hmmm, lets see… You can definitely find me at the beach and hiking with my dog, Mary Jane, through the hills! Visiting Miami is a must for me EVERY summer because that is where I’m from & it’s SOBE… party time… of course. Summer time is very busy for me work wise for some reason. I just returned home from hosting Rehab & Vanity at the Hard Rock in Vegas… Getting paid to party is more exhausting than you think… ’tis such a hard life to live. 😉

Let’s get into the Mishka lookbook shoot a little bit. Tell us about the process shooting with Rae Threat and Kimberly Kane.
Welp… I had been very stoked on this shoot months before hand. Rae is a dear friend to me and her photography kicks ass! I showed up a bit later than everyone else due to school earlier that day. So, walking into the action and chaos was a lot more exciting. We shot some awesome creative looks and switched up the location a few times. Rae and Kimberly went with a bad girl-esq theme which was perfect for us fellow pron starlets (yes, I said pron…). We shot the lookbook in downtown LA to capture that grungy city life mood. Everyone on set was really cool and relaxed. We played dress up and joked around all day and got an amazing lookbook from it.

Gracie Glam is hardcore –AVN Best New Starlet 2011. But, you’re doing a bit of mainstream stuff too. Do you find there’s a different dynamic on set between being on the adult shoots vs a mainstream one?
Besides the sex factor on porn sets, there really hasn’t been too much of a difference on the hardcore sets vs mainstream. I have been fortunate enough to work with really laid back crews in porn as well as mainstream so the snooty uptight diva-ness hasn’t existed in my world… maybe it’s just my hater blockers working for me. But I think there is a huge persona of what people think porn sets are or should be and the majority of people are completely wrong. The biggest difference I could say there is would be the budgeting… and maybe mainstream has better catering than us lol, but sometimes that’s not even the case. Who would have thought… huh?

Gracie Glam: adult performer, fashion model… Kid Cudi fan!? Tell us more!
I am currently a college student… majoring in Fashion Marketing… I’m also a Skateboarding enthusiast.. Libra… Vegetarian… Pitbull Owner… Southern Girl at Heart… Aspiring DJ, Music Producer, & Reality Show Producer… Feature Dancer… Party Host… & the proud owner of my new brand & clothing line Glam Chowder! –Say that 5 times fast!

Before we go, you recently changed your twitter from Glam chowder to grace face. Come on now. I think Glam Chowder might have been one of the greatest twitter handles of all time. Please, make us understand.
Well… I have switched my twitter back to Glam Chowder after making the decision to really pursue it as a brand. The name is something that really fits me and the feed from my twitter/blog… Expect hot, dirty, glamourous things coming soon from Ms. Chow.

Are you optimistic about the future? What have you got going on over the next little while?
I am ALWAYS optimistic about the future! There are great things coming soon from Gracie Glam and Glam Chowder. As of right now I am building my store on TheGracieGlam.com. Fans will be able to buy all the Gracie Glam merchandise they would like; from posters, adult novelty toys, signed movies, 8 x 10s, and even purchase time to Skype chat with me LIVE. I will also be hosting a weekly Live Show through the website and I will feature fellow Porn Starlets on occasion as well. Also, my feature dancing schedule is booking up so I will have a lot of upcoming dance appearances… Who doesn’t love watching a hot girl shake her ass? Aside from that, I am building Glam Chowder behind closed doors. Lots of things in my bowl… just heating it up and adding some crackers before it’s delivered!

….We can’t let you go without getting one embarrassing anecdote from on set or at least a weird habit no one knows about. Lay it on us!
I am always “embarrassing” myself on set and in public. If you can’t laugh at yourself and have fun, well then… we probably won’t get along too well… One time I was taking pictures with the lovely Breanne Benson getting ready to get down and dirty lesbian style when I itched my nose and a huge digesting worm booger came out, like one inch away from Breannes mouth! Thankfully Breanne is my love and she laughed it off and still let me kiss her but during sex… yes, I was embarrassed, needless to say.

I have some OCD tendencies with things lined up in order and kitchen cabinets cannot be left open… and I am beyond ADHD. I get so excited when I talk about music that I talk faster than the roadrunner… and the sounds people make with their mouth when eating & licking makes me FREAK OUT; no, really… I go ape shit… but without my corks I suppose I wouldn’t be as Glamourous as I am today! hahahh 🙂

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{ Thank you @GracieGlam for the interview. Cover photo by Rae Threat. }

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