{ Interview } Andy San Dimas

{ Andy San Dimas tells it like it is. A girl of Hollywood, an AVN & XBIZ award winner. And one of those people you just need to be following on Twitter. Her recent no-frills interview with Vice turned a lot of heads, including ours. We just needed to know more.  }

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It seems the adult entertainment industry is blending more and more into the mainstream. You recently did a shoot with Kimberly Kane for Vice, you’ve done shoots with Van Styles, Rae Threat for the The Mishka Lookbook, etc. The old way of thinking that pornographers only do pornography has been completely thrown away; you’re seeing more and more people from within the adult entertainment industry breaking through into mainstream work, yourself included. You’ve kind of been there to witness this change, how do you see it?
In all honesty, I’ve never really pursued mainstream work. I just got lucky a couple times and had it come to me. The mainstream world is weird and from what I’ve experienced (as well as some of my fellow performers) way more dirty. A lot of those people expect favors from you for a part and are highly let down when you don’t deliver. Luckily, I’ve had some connections and had parts in movies and music videos offered to me based on my talent, nothing else. I think Van Styles and KK are extremely talented people and I’m really excited for them to be getting the press that they have, and that I could be involved with some of it.

I wanted to get your perspective on your recent piece for Vice. You’ve been generating a lot of buzz about the piece, I think because of how brutally honest it is. You certainly don’t shy away from anything and you tell it like it is, even the fact that you aren’t made up brings something even more raw to the feature. Do you think if you had done the interview earlier on in your career that it would have been different?
Oh totally! I was a different girl back then… I was more into trying to fit a “type” instead of just being myself I guess… not because I wanted to, but because I had to. I had to change a lot of little things about myself in order to get noticed/get work in the industry. I was told by many companies that they would love to shoot me but I was “too goth” and needed to tone up. I got really tan and I lost weight. I also bought colored clothing as opposed to my usual black. I was more excited about being involved in making porn. I was just starting to make the big bucks and I’d never had more than 800 dollars at once in my life. I was more robotic.

Did you feel any anxiety about doing the Vice piece without make-up? I thought it was a brilliant touch, personally. In a world where there is this idea of the so-called ideal sexualized woman, it was refreshing to see something different. Your thoughts?
I honestly didn’t know that the interview was going to be video taped, and I don’t really brush my hair or wear make up when I’m not at work. I would describe my style as “Hesher chic”… had I known I was going to be on camera, I would have at least worn mascara or foundation, but now I’m glad I didn’t. I was really surprised at the response I got… people loved it! I will probably wear less make up in the future.

While you’re no longer doing explicit boy/girl scenes, you are certainly keeping busy. What are you up to nowadays and where would you like to see your career go?
I just started camming on MFC and I also got a job as talent coordinator for a new up & coming company called Valley Cam Girls… I think I’m a good person to help the girls. I’m not an agent or anything, more like someone to bitch to and answer questions. Other than that I’ve just been a home body w/my husband. We just enjoy each others company.

Okay, we gotta end on this. No love for the beebs!? Seriously though, you go hard on twitter and you interact with your fans and followers daily. How has social media changed your approach to your career?
Haha, Justin Bieber annoys me. I don’t think that there is anything interesting or special about him… don’t get me wrong, I love a good teen idol but yeah, he leaves me puzzled. When I first got twitter YEARS ago, I was more abrasive and tweeted sexy pics… now I rarely talk about sex and I think people like that. I talk about REAL things and express my real thoughts, unlike most porn girls that I constantly roll my eyes at. Like, all you can talk about is sucking dick and how horny you are… all of the time? It’s kind of annoying and gross. Yeah, I’m good at sex and people think I’m hot but why not talk like a real person?

Last question, I swear. If you could work with one person, living or dead, who would it be and why?
Sid Vicious before the dope. He seemed like a really crazy bang. I saw a pic of his peen, and it’s average but who cares.

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{ Thank you @AndySanDimas for the interview. }

4 thoughts on “{ Interview } Andy San Dimas

  1. These are some of the hottest and real-est pics I’ve ever seen of you. The rooftop pics in particular are gorgeous! If you’re still shooting g/g, I’d love to shot with you.

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