{ Interview } Vikki Blows: Glamour Lifestyle

{ You know her from FRONT and FHM in the UK and pretty much all over Tumblr. I interviewed Vikki Blows in late 2011. Despite this interview being very old and pretty silly, we just can’t pass up an opportunity to give a shout out to the great Vikki Blows. Also, a Deftones fan. What more could you ask for!?  }

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Hi Vikki. Before we get into it… Deftones. I saw you tweeted about them on @BlowsOfficial. What was the story behind that tweet? Did you get a chance to see them live?
I saw them live when they played at the Shepards Bush Empire in London my third time this year, they never disappoint!

If you had to choose one Deftones song to be posted along with this interview what would it be!?
Can I have two? I couldn’t possibly pick just one. Knife Party or Cherry Waves.

So you go to school, you get into a spot of trouble and get kicked out. Next thing you know you’re gracing the pages of Maxim, FHM, Front, along with a bunch of other publications. How does that happen!?
Apparently it was meant to be!

Was modeling something you were always passionate about?
Not always, but it’s definitely a fun job to have.

I noticed you were recently in Toronto. What brought you to our side of the Atlantic? Any Canadian connections in the Blows heritage?
I’m relocating there in the very near future. I might wait til after the winter though…

A semi-embarrassing habit you have:
I burp. A lot.

World domination. It’s a good goal to have. What are your plans moving forward?
Watch this space!

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{ Thank you @BlowsOfficial for the interview. }

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