{ Interview } Skin Diamond: Playing Pornstar

{ We recently caught up with the incomparable Skin Diamond. With a unique look and a drive for success, Skin is quickly and not so quietly making her push to the top. From high fashion modeling to down and dirty smut with the likes of her pal and ours Miss Dani Daniels, Skin Diamond is turning heads and dropping jaws everywhere she goes. }

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Skin Diamond. High fashion, alt-modeling, erotic performer, future ruler of the world…. crazy cat lady?  Alright, we got to get to this cat thing right off the bat.  Tell us about your feline… (I don’t want to say obsession, how about)…. passion!?
Haha… I don’t know, I’ve just always had a pet cat my whole life, so I like having them around. It doesn’t feel like home unless there’s a little something running around! That and I feel like as a person I’m very cat like. I like to do my own thing!

Alright, unfortunately unlike cats we do not have nine lives, but in fact just one, and Skin Diamond you are surely making the most of yours! Without a doubt, you’re a go-getter –tell us about your drive.  I joked earlier about taking over the world, but in a world where adult entertainment is really becoming the mainstream, it’s not hard that much of a stretch.  What does Skin Diamond want out of life?
To be honest I still don’t know! Some days I feel like I’m still a little kid playing pretend! Right now I’m in “porn star mode”, who knows what the future will bring! I tend to follow my instincts where ever they take me. All I know, is that no matter where I end up, I’ll be in the lime light, one way or another! I just want to have a happy carefree life full of adventures!

“I am the way I am because I don’t follow the rules of fashion ‘zines. I do my own thang!” — I saw on twitter that you got a good laugh out of Cosmo putting you on their don’t list.  I think you’d agree that one of your greatest assets is your fierce individuality –from your time doing high fashion shoots to taking on the adult entertainment industry, you stand out.  Can you tell us a little about standing out?
Hahaha… yes that was very funny! It actually made my day! I feel that as an entertainer, you haven’t really made it until people start publicly bashing you for no real  reason. I guess I’ve always stood out in my own quirky little ways my whole life, whether people liked it or not. I don’t try to please people, because that is impossible. I just do what makes me happy, and one of those things is dressing how I feel!

In 2012, the more visibility the better; you’re on twitter, you’re on tumblr, you’re on facebook, you have a blog. More than ever people are showing more of themselves to the world; the thought of an adult entertainer who has such intense work such as yourself showing even more of themselves doesn’t seem possible, but it’s no longer official publications –it’s retweets, it’s instagram, it’s behind the scenes, it’s shots on your days off, etc.  What are your thoughts on constantly staying connected and really controlling at least part of what you put out there?
I find it very overwhelming actually, haha… But it is very handy when it comes to self promotion. I would never have been able to do any of the things I have done with my career if it weren’t for the internet!

You have a new project, Revenge of the Petites.  I understand this is your first time working with a lot of the other talent in the movie.  What was the most rewarding aspect of making the film?
“Revenge of the Petites” was an amazing experience { PetitesMovie.com }! I loved getting to do a lot of acting. I’ve always loved acting, it’s one of my biggest passions, so it was nice to be given an opportunity to use the skills I developed in college!

With your European experience and heritage we have to talk dance music.  Your favourite dance party song?
It always changes! One that will always be a favorite is “Who’s afraid of Detroit by Claude VonStroke”

The end of civilization will be caused by:

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{ Thank you @Skin_Diamond for the interview. Cover photo by @VanStyles }

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