{ Interview } Insuh Yoon: Capturing Intimacy

{ Insuh Yoon is a photographer residing in New York by way of Seoul. Through his photographs Yoon strives to capture his subjects as they are; raw, sexual, and above all, human. It is through this simplistic yet beautiful approach that one can admire the uniqueness of his work as he undoubtedly admires the uniqueness of his subjects. }

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Hi Insuh. It’s a pleasure. –I want to get right into the big ideas. Your photographs reflect a certain honesty and simplicity:  the focus is very much on the subject as they naturally are.  Beyond the person, everything irrelevant is set aside. Could you tell us more about this?  Why is it important for you to capture your subjects this way?
With every shoot I try to capture my subjects as they are.  I keep my style simple because it suits me and I think when the focus is on the model without much distractions I can achieve a certain kind of intimacy.  I think women are beautiful and I try to honor that by capturing what I think is most beautiful about the person I’m photographing.

Your series Anonymous Erotica is such an interesting concept.  I was particularly struck by the description: { What happens when we’re allowed to show our sexual nature while still retaining our anonymity? }  –It seems that we are constantly fed what sexuality should be and we continue to be sexually restrained from being our true selves. Would you agree? Could you tell us more about the project and the ideas behind it?
I came up with the whole concept while shooting with M, the model who you see in the first set of the series.  M is a career minded woman who works in a position of power in a male dominated workplace.  She wanted to model for me but at the same time she wanted to be kept anonymous because of her professional life.  I obliged her.  After I had gained her trust I felt her inhibitions going away.  I could feel her sexuality coming through.  Once she felt safe and confident that I’d keep her identity a secret, she became completely open about herself and showed me her true sexual nature.  This is something that I was fascinated by…

I absolutely agree with you about how we are constantly fed about what sexuality should be, yet we remain sexually restrained.  I think it’s societal.  People are okay with being sexy and looking sexy but being sexual and open about one’s sexual life and is something that I think is kept hidden by just about everybody.  Once doors are closed and you’re in the privacy of your own home your true sexual self is revealed.  I feel with this series I can explore that part of people.

As someone who seemingly fell into photography, you have certainly left your mark. Looking back from when you began shooting to now, what has finding photography meant for you?
Photography has meant the world to me.  I’ve met many interesting people through the years and with the internet I’ve been able to share my art with the world.  When I look at my photography it’s very clear to me just how far I’ve come.  I hope to keep improving and keep shooting because nothing makes me happier.  Art has that effect on me and it’s very rewarding.  In many ways photography has given meaning to my life.

Are you optimistic about the future?
I try to be optimistic but the cynic in me almost always beats the optimist.  I’m hoping for the best though.  Hopefully with hard work I’ll be able to continue evolving as an artist and be able to reach a moderate level of success on my own terms.  I’m in this for the long haul.

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{ Thank you @InsuhYoon for the interview. }

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