{ Interview } Rae Threat: Out Front


{ Rae Threat is a photographer out front walking the continuously blurred line between artistic expression and pornography.  She has cut her teeth on shooting adult entertainers ( Gracie Glam, Jessie Andrews, Kimberly Kane, Belladonna, etc ) in a different light.  Her work is thought provoking, unwavering and… yeah, we’re going to use the c-word; yep, challenging. But, enough from us. –All you have to do is read the words and embrace the images of Rae Threat and you’ll get it.  }

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Hi Rae. It’s a pleasure. Let’s get into it. You shoot a lot of personalities in the adult entertainment world; Gracie Glam, Jessie Andrews, Belladonna, just to scratch the surface.  But, your work is different.  If I were to type those names into a google image search I would be find images that could not be further from your work.  Can you talk to us a little about where your interest in shooting, for lack of a better term –pornstars– came from?
I didn’t carry much interest at all actually, but Twitter happened. I’d known @EonMcKai for years and he’d introduced me to a lot of people at his release parties. One day, I tweeted asking if anyone wanted to do a photoshoot. @DanaDearmond replied to it. She became the first “pornstar” I shot. People took interest. And it kinda went from there.

I alluded to it in my previous question, but I’d like to get right into this thing. You’re shooting models in ways that they are not normally shot.  You’re shooting those “real moments”.  When I look at your photos I feel as though I am seeing your subjects through a different lens; it’s not contrived –there is a reality there and a beauty.  I could be way off the mark here.  Your thoughts?
These girls are used to doing glam shots. They’re used to looking “hot”. I’m more into making art rather than just photos that people would wanna jerk off to. Anyone could take these models, pose them in front of a wall, and do a Terry Richardson. But that’s too conventional and easy. These women are more than sex objects. They could be art. So I’ve made them art.

I read your profile in No Magazine and we’ll link to it in the article. –I wanted to pick up on your thoughts on being an artist and in a way how you are forced to defend your art.  From being censored online (raethreatsnaps) to being dubbed a pornographer rather than an artist.  Tell us about the frustration that must cause for you.
OMG THAT ARTICLE IS SO OLD, haha! I have a whole different perspective from when that profile was done and where I stand now about how I create my work and the process. My work’s matured greatly since — and most of it due to embracing those “posed photos” I greatly disliked then. 

As far as being dubbed a pornographer, I’m not frustrated as I am thoroughly amused! There’s a huge difference between pornography and the images I create. For one, I don’t do glam pussy shots. Or at least haven’t yet. But seriously, I don’t go around posting images of these girls saying “OH LOOK HOT XXX ASS SHOT, CLICK HERE”. I don’t glamorize these girls as being objects to look at — I portray them as the models that they are. I could go into a whole argument about how my work isn’t “porn” (based on aesthetics, intent of the image, etc, etc, yawn), but people who are fans of porn would know the difference between whether my work is porn or not.

And yes, being censored sucks, but what’s new?

I wanted to talk to you about the @MISHKA lookbook series you shot with Kimberly Kane and the likes of Belladonna, Gracie Glam, Aiden Ashley and Charlotte Stokely. Apart from a credit to your name and what looked to be a wonderful experience, what did you take away from that project?
That Spring 2012 lookbook was the second lookbook I’ve done with @Mishka. The previous one was the Fall 2011 and that featured Andy San Dimas and Jessie Andrews.  I really don’t know what I “took away” from either really, I mean, I love Mishka and always love working with them, but to me, it was another shoot, another fun experience to mark down, and we got some amazing shots out of it. Another day in the so-called office.

It’s summer. Got any summer anthems to share!?
I don’t really listen to music, but I guess I could plug my friends here. I love Kid Infinity. They’re awesome. They’re perfect summer music. You could check them out at www.kidinfinity.com or on Facebook at facebook.com/kidinfinity. Their music was featured in that Mishka Spring 2012 video teaser we shot too: http://vimeo.com/40484214. They’re awesome! Ryan is awesome! And Nate is a cool cat! I love Kid Infinity!

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{ Thank you @RaeThreat for the interview. Cover photo models @GracieGlam & @JessiesLife }

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One thought on “{ Interview } Rae Threat: Out Front

  1. These photos are awesome! Everything that Rae does looks amazing! Keep it up, I really enjoy how you use the lighting and shadows! You have a unique style that shows!

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