{ Interview } Mr Glass / Heels & Candy

{ Heels and Candy is a one-two punch of photographer Mr Glass and stylist, art direct and model Quinn Cornchip. Toss in a revolving door of gorgeous friends Alysha Nett, Hattie Watson, and Bridget Blonde, among others and you’ve got the intoxicating appeal of Heels & Candy. }

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Mr Glass. From Graffiti to Heels and Candy.  How did you get into graffiti?
I got my first taste of it around ’94, I was 14, and discovered New York and San Francisco style graffiti via skateboard magazines like Thrasher and Slap. I knew very little about it it, other than the fact that I loved doing it.

Who were your influences as a graffiti artist and what about it appealed to you?
I grew up in Houston, and I was very fortunate to see NEKST, VIZIE, MEAT & VERBS along with the rest of their crews dominate the city. They set the standard for me forever as far as what counts as good graffiti.  Aesthetic-wise, I love round, bubbly styles, the more cartoony, the better.

So you make the transition to shooting beautiful, hardly-wearing-anything-at-all models for Heels And Candy. How did that come about!?
While on my lunch break at work, I saw a video on 12oz Prophet where artist KR is photographing a beautiful model after he dripped colorful paint on her. Then and there, I decided I too was going to take pictures of models, but I had no idea how it would ever happen. It was just one of those silly things in life you catch yourself wishing for, you know?. It wasn’t until almost a year later, when I met Quinn (Cornchip) that I started down that path. We started shooting together, but in a much more personal manner. After doing this for about a year, we got published, so I decided to make an online portfolio. It was just Quinn at first, then as I worked with other models the core group started developing.

Judging from your work on Heels and Candy I think it is safe to say that you do not shy away from much — Your style is raw, unhinged, and in your face.  How would you describe your work?
I feel like I’m still holding myself back. When I review the pictures for the first time the next day, there’s always a couple that I find myself wishing I would have pushed a moment a little more. Usually,when I’m working with a model, I’m super quiet, I just try to show her natural energy and personality. I’m just so focused on trying to capture the situation in the most dynamic way, and it can be awkward to try and make it something that it’s not, or try to change the natural flow of the sessions, but I think I’m getting better at making the most of each shoot.

Heels And Candy is just oozing with sensuality.  Tell us the roles women and sexuality play in your work.
I just cant think of anything else that embodies a multitude of emotions and states of mind as a powerful image of the female form. It can often be a mirror for the viewer, and a litmus test for the health of a society. And, if women were able to understand the true power they have over men, it would be they who rule the world.

Comfort must be an important element of your work.  As the models take off article after article of clothing how do you keep the vibe loose and comfortable for all involved?
Again, I think my own shyness helps, especially with the more experienced models. We make sure the models we work with have seen clearly what we do, so they tend to take the sets in that direction on their own. I think they appreciate me backing off and letting them do their own thing.

Tell us about the first time you shot a model in the nude.
It was with Quinn, and it was a very spur of the moment thing. It felt very natural and immediately I felt I had found something I had been looking for for a very long time.

Your favourite shoot to date and why?  Yes, we are making you choose just one!
We have had some really amazing shoots in the last year.  Working with Nicole Vaunt was one that really blew my mind. She exudes so much fun and passion for what she does, and can just hammer out look after look and you end up with an entire memory card worth of gold. But my absolute favorite right now is the recent stuff Quinn and I have been shooting for our upcoming book; Stripper Sex.

Looking at the big picture, what has Heels and Candy meant to you?
It has given Ms.Cornchip and I a platform to be involved with our favorite clothing lines and show some really amazing models in a totally different way than most of their fans have seen them. It started out as just a portfolio for me, now in just a couple short years, it has expanded into a small network of friends across different creative fields and become a “style”.

If you could shoot one person, living or dead, who would it be and why?
As tempted as I am to say Marilyn Monroe for the fact that in her prime, you could quite possibly use every shot you got from her, I would love to shoot one of the classic supermodels like Christy Turlington or Kate Moss.

How did your working relationship with Ms Cornchip come about?
Like everything else in our little world, it just happened a little bit at a time. She started helping me book models, then that grew into managing our many social networks and helping run our online store; TheDeadBirdProject. We work well together and she does everything she can to make sure all I have to do is source the streetwear used in our sets and take good photos.

The most rewarding aspect of your work:
I love the fact that our fan base is almost as many female as male. It also means a lot that our models can see that we do what we do out of appreciation for them, their work, and who they are as an individual. It also just feels right, like I’m doing what I was put on this Earth to do.

The impossible question.  Feel free to hate our guts for this.  One photo. Just one photo that best encapsulates all that Mr Glass and Heels and Candy are about…
It would have to be Hattie Watson sitting on the edge of the bed with nerd glasses and a HelloKitty marshmallow lollipop between her teeth. It was the second time we shot with her and it really put us on the map with a vast audience. It was at the very beginning of all this, and remains the most popular set to this day.

Thanks again.  Any final words?
We have a lot of stuff in the works, so keep an eye out…

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{ Thank you @HeelsAndCandy for the interview. Cover photo model @QuinnCornchip }

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