{ Interview } Miss Kacie Marie

{ Miss Kacie Marie is a cool retro chick with a hell of a lot of ambition. Modeling, singing, acting, you name it, she’s got it. Try this: a thirst for success and a never say die attitude. We just had to chat with her. }

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Miss Kacie Marie. Small town girl to big city lights. Sensual, confident,…. how’s that for flattery? Okay try this. Unique, hard working, go-getter. Tell us about yourself and how you got into modeling!
I’ve always been an artist, in my farm town and now in the Big City! But not until becoming a woman and really discovering photography did I find myself, and my image through the camera lens. My work in front of and behind the camera both flourished at the same time and naturally assisted each other; finding out what sexuality, character, dramatics, emoting, provoking, tantalizing was, with the power of a photograph.

Apart from world domination, what are some of the things you hope to accomplish through your work?
; ) Well, other than taking over the world in high heels, 1940’s pincurls, and a smile ; ) Im really just using my modeling work as a platform for other projects that I am working on in order to fullfill my dreams. I want everyone to see me in a photograph and not forget my face, hear my rough and raw music that I’ve written, sang, and recorded and never forget my voice, and finally you’ll see me in the cinema!!! (flashing hollywood lights and rose petals flying) I’ve been in five feature films so far and am currently co-writing a feature film right here in Brooklyn. I want to possess the world with my creativity and art. 

We mentioned confidence. I’d like to look a little further into that one.  You’re a model who really goes for it, whether that be full nudity, topless work or just showing a healthy amount of skin and sexuality. Could you tell us about your approach to doing nude work. How do you stay comfortable? Do you get self conscious?
Funny thing, I never meant to or had intentions of doing anything topless Haha… I also never put myself in working/creative situations where I am not completely comfortable. I’ve been lucky enough whether it’s been good karma or just being thorough and smart with choosing whom I work with, but I’ve never been in an uncomfortable modeling situation where I wasn’t in control. Therefore, creativity is buzzing, photos are snapping, I’m feeling sexy, sensual, tantalizing as each photo progresses. What starts out as deadpan, my character slowly turns coy and wants to show her innocence yet naughtiness, as vintage see-through blouses get slowly unbuttoned, rarely breaking eye contact to make sure that you’re watching, only to look away once and again shyly as she realizes the warm energy that is buzzing between them. The camera and I.  

A photograph is powerful and I feel lucky to be in so many. No, I never get self conscious.

Could you walk us through your first shoot that involved nudity? Have your opinions and feeling toward nudity in art changed?
I can honestly say that I don’t remember my exact first shoot including nudity, except that it was certainly self portraits. I’ll try and dig them up ; ) Nudity to me has always been a beautiful thing. Studying and practicing painting and learning about Renaissance Art and all of the beautiful Greek Goddesses, nudity has never been shameful to me but rather natural and godly. There is most certainly right and wrong ways to approach nude photography, but I can not judge anyone elses artistic process or approach, unless you want me to, just ask ; ) I do love critiquing. Although, I do think that many photographers use nudity as a crutch in an attempt to make their work ‘edgy’ and or an excuse to get some gals naked (good tactic) but I truly believe that kind of work is usually rather obvious and misses the mark on so many artistic levels. You want a good edgy photograph; you create that vibe, that connection (or disconnection), that angle, that longing, that yearning, that atmosphere, no matter what the subject is or isn’t wearing.


We had to include this photo simply because it’s so completely badass. Apart from the guns and holster, have you received any other noteworthy perks!?
Oh My, why thank you! I am a true blue cowgirl at heart, and this reflection that I shot was on the set of the upcoming film I’m starring in called Cowboys and Indians, by Accidental Color, shooting here in Brooklyn. Needlesstosay, I was excited upon receiving this role (rolls around in hay and braided pigtails giggling) noteworthy perks would have to be shooting with WWII fighter planes, running around naked in the woods, and getting to shoot and play in mansions ; ) im certain the most noteworthy will be soon to come ; )

Okay, we have to wrap this up. But I wanted to say we’re huge fans of the work of Damon Loble (as everyone should be) and we were pretty pumped to see your work with him. You’ve surrounded yourself with some fantastically talented people. Could you tell us a little about that shoot with Damon?
Yes yes Damon is fantastic! I’ve shot with him twice now, always making it my effort when in LA to steal some creative time with him. He is real, honest, and talented. His work speaks for itself: sexy, sensual, lucid. I’m lucky to be one of the women that he likes to shoot, and lucky to be his friend. I do recall our last photoshoot, passing the hours and sunlight away, snapping photos in every place in every pose while creativity buzzed and conversation would flow, all while listening to the Drive soundtrack in the background. It was lovely.

Okay, that’s it. We have to stop. I wish we could go on and on. Let’s leave it with this. Tell us about your plans over the summer and if you could pick one song as your essential summer anthem what would it be!?
Since I’m the new gal in town, I’m still adventuring and discovering the lovely places around New York and where I can sip some good whiskey….(I’m always taking recommendations 😉 While sippin and swirlin my rye on the rocks, you’ll find me lounging and singing slow smoky tunes in swanky little speak easy’s, exploring and playing in the woods of prospect park,  finishing up writing and beginning to film the movie I’m working on in order to get it into Sundance right on time : ) and finally, finishing up my EP and the two music videos that go along with it.

My summer anthem is quite clear to me, Sway by Julie London. This tune needs no explanation, listen and you’ll feel exactly why ; )

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{ Thank you @MissKacieMarie for the interview. Cover photo by Chip Willis. }


{ Damon Loble }

{ Chip Willis }

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