{ Interview } Bliss Evans: Kick, Push

{ Sultry Bliss Evans first caught our eye from her recent photo shoots with @VanStyles. From there, we had to find more. It turns out Ms Evans is a stick of dynamite.  Young, wild & free are three words that sum up Bliss Evans pretty well, though we’re sure that’s just scratching the surface. We get to know this up and coming model in a feature chat which covers a range of topics including body image, long boarding and even an advertisement for skinny dipping! }

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Hi Bliss. “Young. Wild. Free.”  Bliss Evans’ guide to living the good life? Tell us more!
You only live once! So do everything you can while you’re young! Be wild without fear! And live life free without regret! 

Before we go any further, you broke your elbow long boarding!? We gotta hear this!
Okay, so I kick push and go!  I don’t sk8 great but I love to do it because I love the feeling of the wind on my face and the vibrations on my feet as I am coasting… Last summer my boyfriend, our good friend and me went to sk8 and they were teaching how to bomb hills! It was in the Baldwin Hills community and I just picked up my board and went for it! I ended up getting the speed wobbles at the bottom of the hill and I jumped off the board. Well, me and the concrete ended up making love! I got up and skied home… didn’t know ’till the next day that I broke my elbow, so lame.

You’ve collaborated with some pretty cool people; Van Styles, Sidney Moore, Steezy… What is the most rewarding aspect of your work?
The most rewarding part for me is shooting, having fun and allowing myself to be creative; to express myself with another person (the photog) and create a beautiful, raw, and real picture!

What first attracted you to modelling?
I’ve always been attracted to modelling ever since I was a little girl… Cindy Crawford and Brooke Shields were some of the women that attracted me to it at a young age. I just never thought I could model because…  well, my height and I have curves… but there are all kinds of modeling and my height or my curves haven’t stop me yet!

Essential ingredients for a rad road trip:
An iPod with dope music! A fun car to drive! Stick shift is way more fun than auto… and you have to have at least one or two good friends to have fun with and explore!

It’s summer time, I’ve got to ask: streaking or skinny dipping?
Skinny dipping for sure! I was 19 when I went skinny dipping with s friend at the beach… we were bored and they dared me, so I showed them that I wasn’t scared, haha. I love skinny dipping, everyone should try it! It’s amazing, you feel so free!

Are you optimistic about the future?
Yes!! I am getting older and with age comes wisdom… I always try to think very positively about my life and the things that are going on. I believe that putting out positive energy to the world will only bring positivity into my life. There will always be ups and downs, however as long as I stay focused and I know what I stand for and what I want… nothing else matters and good things shall come my way!

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{ Thank you @BlissEvans for the interview. Cover photo by @SteezyAsFuck. }

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