{ Interview } Dani Daniels One on One

{ In Dani Daniels we see a go-getter. Someone who is building her empire straight to the top and she is doing it her own way –just the way we like it. She is on the hustle and going hard. }

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Hi Dani. Spring has sprung and summer is upon us. Tell us your plans for the summer.
Doing A LOT of traveling. It’s my obsession! 

Dani Daniels, entertainer, actor, director, go-getter, ….. golf instructor? Any tips to improve our game!?
Yea, here’s a tip… Don’t play against me! ; )

You’re all over social media on twitter and on tumblr with At Home w/ Dani Daniels. You really have been putting yourself out there. Is it ever challenging for you, letting people into your personal life?
I have no problem letting people into my personal life. I’m an open book. “Dani” is me. I didn’t change as a person when I got into porn… I’m the same girl on and off set.  

I’m going to be including a good dose of your work with Van Styles for this feature. Would you mind telling us a little something about shooting with Mr Styles?
Van is Van. There’s a reason he’s successful. He’s one of the few original minds out there. He does what he wants and what he likes, and people love him for it. I feel lucky I’ve gotten to be in front of his camera… twice!

Favourite dance party song:
Dance party? Hmm… I don’t do much of that. I can tell you this… I love blasting Nine Inch Nails when I’m FUCKING. 🙂

Are you optimistic about the future?
Of course. I’ve been lucky enough to succeed in such a small amount of time, I plan to continue working my ass off and keeping it up! Now go watch my movies! ; )

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{ Thank you @MissDaniDaniels for the interview. Photography by @VanStyles }

2 thoughts on “{ Interview } Dani Daniels One on One

  1. I’ve follow Dani from the beginning of her career in porn. She is as genuine as she is beautiful. She’s already been a Penthouse Pet, Twistys Treat of the month and Danni.com Girl. She’s done 2 features, “DANI” with Elegant Angel being the best, and countless scenes. She is a star of the first magnitude with super model looks.

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